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Oxygen monitoring panel

Most traditional gas monitoring companies offer stand-alone monitors rather than an integrated approach to gas safety monitoring. Working closely with Quantum, we consider safe monitoring of gases to be just part of our range of products that dovetail together to form safe cryogenic systems.

The gas monitors we offer are not just sensing heads, but fully self-contained protective devices the will provide ongoing alarms even in the event of mains failure. These gas monitors can in turn be linked back to a powerful cryogenic monitoring panel - CryoPanel - which interfaces not only with the gas monitoring range but with BMS systems, temperature devices and a wide array of other laboratory monitoring systems. The simple modular nature of the product range means that every scenario, from single monitor to sixty four channel requirements, can be accommodated.

Oxygen Depletion Monitoring

All areas where liquid nitrogen is stored or used should be fitted with a oxygen depletion monitoring system.