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Non Vacuum Hose

Non-Vacuum Insulated Flexible Hoses are actually just conventional stainless steel flexible hoses suitable for transferring cryogenic fluids with a braided stainless outer to give superior durability. They have a good bend radius even when cold which makes awkward installations more manageable. And can be supplied with a wide variety of end fittings to work on with many applications.

Decant Hose

Decant Flexible Hoses are a special variant of our non-vacuum insulated hoses made specifically for the purpose of decanting liquid nitrogen from a pressurised Dewar or SIVL into an open vessel. Decant hoses have a handle fitted to allow the user to maintain good control of the hose whilst decanting.

Flexible Line

Sometimes rigid vacuum insulated pipe is not practical for all applications. In these cases Thames Cryogenics manufacture flexible line.

Cryogenic decant flexible hose with handle drawing